Personal trainers impact your financial status by advertising online!

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I became a certified personal trainer back in the late 90’s, mainly because I was tired of other people controlling my destiny. To put it simply…I was tired of making other people rich. I told myself that I would find a gym, get at least 30 clients, and be well on my way to financial independence. Boy, was I wrong!

My problem wasn’t just the fact that I worked at a “free for all” gym. You know. One of those gyms where the personal trainers are allowed to undercut each other…to the point where some of the trainers were charging as low as $10 per client…per hour! But my biggest problem, and I didn’t realize it then (even though it was staring me right in the face) was that I had a perfect advertising opportunity. Yes, ladies and gentleman…it was the internet.

Like almost everyone else who had the internet in their homes at that time, I used the internet to download free music and movies, play silly video games, and on occasion, read articles that I was interested in. I had no clue that setting up an online business page could have boosted my personal training revenue…exponentially.

Remember, this was pre video sharing sites, such as YouTube. And even YouTube has its limits, because they cover such a broad spectrum of videos. This is where can help you. Most of you have hopefully taken the time to find a gym in your area, where you work, and that has lots of clientele, thus giving you more opportunity to make money. Now all that you need is a professional online presence.

Here is a list of some of the reasons advertising on can help you get more clients:

  • You reach clients in your area.
  • You can post videos.
  • There is a detailed map, allowing your clients to find you easily.
  • People come to specifically for fitness related reasons. They are not there for anything else. They are mainly looking for a gym, which most likely means that they will need a personal trainer.
  • Most people go online BEFORE they make a purchase. gives you that exposure.
  • Price. Only $19.95 per month! If you get ONE client from our website, you have paid for a couple months of advertising!

If you’re really serious about fitness, and helping people get fit…what are you waiting for?! Start promoting yourself today!